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​Overturn Wrongful Conviction Cases, Exonerate Innocent Convicts and Promote Criminal Legal Reform.

The Innocent Convicts

Veritas, Spes & Justitia

At The Innocent Convicts, we are dedicated to uncovering the flaws within our judicial system and raising critical questions about the prosecution tactics employed by law enforcement officials that all too often result in wrongful imprisonment.

We recognize that the impact of wrongful convictions reverberates on multiple levels, particularly for minority populations who face a higher risk of incarceration due to their limited access to competent legal representation and the burden of unreasonably high bail conditions.

Our mission is to shed light on the alarming prevalence of wrongful convictions in the United States. We extend a supportive hand to those who have been unjustly convicted, and we tirelessly strive to contribute to the creation of a legal system that is more equitable and just for all.

About us

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The Darrell Jones Story

President, The Innocent Convicts



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The Released

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