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Her’tazhe reflects culture and society through its own performances and those done in  response to requests from local, regional and national organizations.  Through graphic, spoken, choreographed and written works its director seeks to increase the empathy and exigence of the situations being portrayed.  Social justice is a recurring theme in many of its reenactments. 


Past performances include "Collage of Woman" for one of Magic Johnson's Starbucks coffee shops in California; "Dancexpressions" performed in Detroit (NAACP) and Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania);"Gospel Speaks" (the historic St. Peter's Episcopal Church, MD-Black History Month) plus "Martin Remembered" which has been requested for Martin Luther King Day by civic and professional organizations.


Soulscapades III, planned for Juneteenth 2020, has been rescheduled to June 2021.  Two poems inspired by the work of The Innocent Convicts and its founder are featured in the presentations of his film project and lately, in the organization's Zoom presentations.—Dr. Maru Colbert/Founding Director.

DAC ENTERPRISES INC. (DAC) is a non-profit community-based organization with a longstanding presence, offering programming on empowerment for women and families.  This includes highlighting the realities of urban life as the producer/host of the Boston Neighborhood Network “Straight Talk with Debbie Cox” cable television show.  As an educator and health provider, the proprietor, Debbie, has worked at community, city and state levels practicing and leading initiatives in public health, parenting, violence prevention and residential programs. 


DAC lends its expertise, providing a variety of programs.  They include a series on womanhood plus criminal justice, citizens’ rights and responsibilities, financial literacy as well as health and wellness workshops, among others.  The organization will provide support to women personally affected by wrongful convictions of themselves or their partners.  DAC is pleased to affiliate with The Innocent Convicts(TIC) after the introduction to Osagie as a guest on “Straight Talk” since the collaboration reinforces its mission. The Innocent Convicts, Her'tazhe and DAC Enterprises formed a sub-working group, The SOCIAL JUSTICE CIRCLE.

CCI Boston Prison Outreach

The objective of the Christ Church International (CCI) Boston, Prison Outreach is to offer transformative experiences for individuals and their families who have had interactions with the law. We provide support, personal growth, spiritual development, education and career placement referrals to help nurture their growth and development.  The CCI Boston Prison Outreach Program is under the direction of Senior Pastor Dawn’Akita Wellington.


In January 2020, we teamed up with UniteBoston as part of the International Week of Prayer, to host a prayer session for innocent convicts, their families and law officers for redemption, unity and healing of our communities.  This was one of what we hope are several opportunities to partner with The Innocent Convicts organization to bring awareness to and resolution of the issues wrongfully convicted persons face. 

Co-Creative Consulting, LLC

Co-Creative Consulting helps entrepreneurs and business owners enhance business performance and unleash personal and professional potential through the co-creation of strategic business development strategies, grant/proposal applications, and entrepreneurship and leadership trainings and workshops.

We understand that the most valuable strategies and solutions always arise in deep collaboration with our clients. Our co-creative process replaces the hierarchical approach to management and the linear approach to innovation, and affords all stakeholders the possibility to influence and bring forth valuable, meaningful, and relevant solutions in a collaborative environment. Co-creation results in the development of goods, services, and experiences that are uniquely designed to meet our client’s unique needs, values, meaning, and context. We are proud of this approach and know that it is this co-creative process that sets us apart from others who offer the same services.

At Co-Creative Consulting we believe that meaning never comes from what we get, it comes from what we give, so Giving Back is one of our core tenets. We feel privileged to be able to provide support to The Innocent Convicts project, to all people who have been affected by wrongful conviction, and to support the criminal justice reform work being done by The Innocent Convicts organization.

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