Meet: Co-Creative Consulting, LLC

Co-Creative Consulting (CCC) helps entrepreneurs and business owners enhance performance and unleash personal and professional potential through the co-creation of strategic business development strategies, grant/proposal applications-coupled with entrepreneurship and leadership trainings as well as workshops.

The most valuable strategies and solutions arise in deep collaboration with our clients. Our co-creative process replaces the hierarchical approach to management and the linear approach to innovation, and affords all stakeholders the possibility to influence and bring forth valuable, meaningful, and relevant solutions. Co-creation results in the development of goods, services, and experiences that are uniquely designed for the client with respect to, values, meaning, and context. This process distinguishes CCC from others who offer the same services.

At Co-Creative Consulting Giving Back is one of the company’s core tenets. It is a privilege to provide support to The Innocent Convicts project and to all people who have been affected by wrongful conviction. CCC supports the criminal justice reform work being done, especially during this politically charged, extremely turbulent period in American history. “Through this partnership, a 'wrongful' system won’t prevent a person with the right business idea from sustaining his or herself.” [The working tenet for the joint effort with TIC—Kathy Deacon]

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