Meet: Dencity (Developing Expressions Now Creating Initiatives Through You)

Dencity unleashes the power of the spoken word to spark conversations about issues that matter, creating new spaces for artistic expression and strengthening engagements. This form of expression reaches diverse and curious audiences. Dencity's spoken word is profound, accentuated with live musical accompaniment and visual art. This mix brings healing and creates brave spaces in an evocative environment.

Dencity had the opportunity to anchor the first ever legislative hearing for innocent convicts at the Massachusetts State Assembly in January of 2020. This event brought attention to the plight of victims of wrongful conviction-providing a chance for reflection and inspiration as this widespread under-explored issue was highlighted at the state’s highest level. The performance entity, under the leadership of Michelle (La Poetica) Richardson, is proud to identify with the purpose of The Innocent Convicts Organization.

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