Take action TODAY and demand FREEDOM for the wrongly incarcerated and innocent defendants by supporting the work of the The Innocent Convicts’ (TIC) founder and partners as INDIVIDUALS, through COLLECTIVE ACTION and with DONATIONS when and however you will. TIC invites you to watch its films, share this website, follow the project on Facebook or volunteer your time. Like TIC, its partners, supporters and friends please purchase and be proud to wear our official gear.


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You can attend one of the monthly events, currently held on Zoom.  Examples are workshops, book club readings, “write-ins," “social justice” hours, speaker nights or a film series. 

social media

Tell others about TIC’s events.  Fighting an entire system of societal injustices takes a unified effort. Building momentum across neighborhoods takes time and focused effort.

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If you enjoy a TIC event and like it, please write a review in the contact section.  Narratives are needed to support TIC’s work developing entrepreneurial options for the wrongfully convicted.


Volunteer your time if for even 2 hours per month. Seek ways to support similar work in your own community We need collective action!


Use rescources to enhance your understanding and develop a deeper sense of commitment.  Discussions of selected books, and sometimes workshops, end with a “social justice hour” which features BYOE (everything)!


Respond when asked to write a legislator or some other official or even, attend a local action meeting, sit-in or even, protest.  There is strength in numbers!


Be proud and announce your participation by wearing the buttons, T-shirts and even the “Break the Chain” ©2019, [T-shirt design by Ariel] included in (Her'tazhe) wear.


Support us by shopping for limited urban wear at the BFG in Dorchester.  DAC Enterprises and Her’tazhe donate 20% of the sales to support the work of the The Innocent Convicts.

The Innocent Convicts

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