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Help Wrongfully Convicted Prisoners

TAKE ACTION today! Help wrongfully convicted prisoners and demand freedom for innocent defendants by supporting the work of The Innocent Convicts (TIC). Every action matters! Individual and collective actions and donations are vital to helping more wrongfully incarcerated victims regain their freedom.

We invite you to take action in any way you can – donate, watch our films, follow The Project on Facebook or volunteer your time.

Please proudly purchase and wear official TIC gear as a valued partner, supporter, and friend!


Enhance your understanding! Use resources to learn more and deepen your commitment to helping wrongfully convicted prisoners.


There is strength in numbers! Write a government official, attend a local action meeting or sit-in. Consider joining a protest!


Proudly show off your partnership! Wear our merch, including the exclusive “Break the Chain” ©2019 t-shirt design by Ariel (included in Her’tazhe wear).


Get swag AND donate! 20% of sales from DAC Enterprises and Her’tazhe support the work of The Innocent Convicts to help wrongfully convicted prisoners. Shop for limited urban wear at the BFG in Dorchester.

Social Media

Tell your friends! Fighting an unjust system requires a UNIFIED front! We need your help to build momentum across our country’s neighborhoods.

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Talk about us! If you attended a TIC event, we want to hear from you! Leave a review in the contact section and support us by starting a conversation.


We need collective action! Even if you’ve only got 2 hours to spare each month, please volunteer your time. Seek to support similar work in your own community.

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