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The Innocent Convicts Film Project

A Voice for Innocent Defendants

Our organization gives innocent defendants a voice, through film, public arts and civic engagement.

Victims of wrongful imprisonment are forced into dangerous environments, helpless to watch as their families suffer through the injustice.

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Film is a powerful tool to expose injustice, galvanize action and hold the powerful accountable. 

- Osagie N. Okoruwa

We fight with innocent defendants against the grave penalties implemented against them for crimes they aren’t guilty of. The Innocent Convicts Film Project is a spotlight for stories of innocent defendants, like Tim Cole, a Texas Tech Student and Army Veteran, who needlessly lost his life when his medication was withheld during wrongful incarceration. Principal photography is complete on the first six episodes of the film project – stories of Tim Cole, Audrey Edmunds, Uriah Courtney, Mike Hansen, Lamont McKoy and The Monfils Six. Donate to help us examine the heinous causes and devastating aftermath of wrongful convictions around the United States.

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For more information, or to support the completion of The Innocent Convicts films, contact: 


To make a fully tax-deductible donation to help fund the film

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