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About us


To bring attention to the growing number of wrongful convictions in the US, provide support to those wrongfully convicted, and work to create a more equitable and just legal system.


Exoneration of the wrongfully convicted, reintegration of the exonerated into society, and system reforms for the prevention of future wrongful convictions.

Our Values




The goal of The Innocent Convicts is to reframe the discourse around such practices that often lead to wrongful imprisonment; create awareness and prompt policy makers to sit up, take notice, and advance legal initiatives to end wrongful convictions.

Our Team

Darrell Jones

Darrell Jones

In a remarkable journey to freedom, Darrell Jones was released on June 11, 2019, after serving an astonishing 32 years in prison under a Natural Life sentence for a false conviction. His indomitable spirit endured the test of time as he persevered in a pursuit of justice.

Osagie N. Okoruwa

Osagie N. Okoruwa

Osagie is a passionate filmmaker with a deep commitment to investigative reporting, social justice, public service, and human rights. His dedication to uncovering untold stories has driven him to explore the depths of wrongful convictions.

Meet our dedicated team. If you would to make a difference by becoming a part of the difference, send us your details by clicking the "join us" button below.

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