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Osagie N. Okoruwa

Founder & CEO

Osagie is a passionate filmmaker with a deep commitment to investigative reporting, social justice, public service, and human rights. His dedication to uncovering untold stories has driven him to explore the depths of wrongful convictions.

Over the past eight years, Osagie has meticulously documented numerous cases of wrongful convictions. Through the lens of victims and their families, he has crafted a compelling documentary film series titled "The Innocent Convicts." As the Founder of The Innocent Convicts organization, Osagie leads our investigative efforts within the judicial system, shining a light on the questionable prosecution tactics employed by law enforcement officials that too frequently lead to wrongful convictions.

Currently, Osagie spearheads a nationwide campaign aimed at eradicating wrongful arrests and imprisonment. Through impactful film presentations and public legal education, he empowers the public to take a stand against these injustices.

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