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Rev. E. Hutcherson

“Thank you for the opportunity to host a powerful, eye-opening documentary highlighting the issue of wrongful conviction, racism and abuse of authority in our criminal law system. This film should spur us into action to really impact the lives of our youth and prevent them from being a victim of wrongful incarceration, as well as be an advocate for somebody today.”

Founder, Future Hope Apprenticeship Program

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John Walker

I made a special effort to attend Chris Wilson’s book signing for “The Master Plan” after my cousin from Her’tazhe and Osagie called me from Boston. Even though I was across the country the three of u

Carolyn Potts

“The first event I attended sponsored by The Innocent Convicts was held in January 2020 at the State House in Boston. It was impactful and profound, and gave me the chance to hear real stories and see


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