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The Innocent Convicts is Working to Prove David Yarde's Innocence in the Shooting of DeAndre Russ.

David Yarde's conviction for the murder of DeAndre Russ in 2014 is facing serious scrutiny due to "legitimate issues" with the evidence. Despite spending over nine years in prison, Yarde maintains his innocence, and The Innocent Convicts Organization has been actively working to prove his innocence. A forensics expert in 2017 and two additional crime scene and ballistics experts in 2018 all cast doubt on Yarde's involvement in the crime, with one expert deeming it impossible for Yarde to be the shooter. Detectives also found "similar ammunition" in the possession of another individual who provided inconsistent witness statements.

Yarde's presence on surveillance video after leaving a party in Downtown Boston contradicts the theory that he was the shooter, as experts have concluded that it is physically impossible for him to have been the shooter from his last position captured in the video. Yarde's continued incarceration since 2012 has had a profound and devastating impact on him and his family.

The Innocent Convicts organization, alongside Yarde, his family, and his supporters, is calling on Suffolk County District Attorney DA Hayden to review and overturn the Commonwealth v. David Yarde case, as it is marred by significant doubts about his guilt.


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