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Jonas Francisque

In a case that has spanned over a decade, Jonas Francisque's harrowing journey through the U.S. legal system has reached a turning point. In 2008, he was unjustly convicted of a murder he did not commit, a wrongful conviction that took away 19 years of his life. Despite the countless challenges he has faced, he remained unyielding in his pursuit of justice, unwaveringly asserting his innocence.

The Jonas Francisque case underscores a glaring failure within our legal system, shedding light on disturbing patterns in criminal prosecutions. Cognitive biases, hasty judgments, and sweeping suspicions marred the original investigation. New evidence, including advanced DNA testing that excludes Mr. Francisque's DNA from key items, as well as previously concealed police reports, has raised substantial doubts about the fairness of his conviction and the integrity of the entire legal process.

Now, we urgently call upon the Honorable Justice of the Plymouth County Superior Court to grant Mr. Francisque's motion, and the Plymouth District Attorney’s Office to drop its opposition, address the Brady issues in his case, investigate the officers who withheld evidence, and file a nolle prosequi to prevent a wrongful retrial.

Throughout this tumultuous journey, Jonas Francisque has demonstrated extraordinary resilience, never allowing the confines of wrongful imprisonment to define him. Today, we proudly stand alongside him, unwavering in our support, as he continues his fight for exoneration.


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