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Raymond Gaines

In 2021, our client regained freedom after 46 years of wrongful incarceration.

Raymond Gaines, who spent nearly 46 years in prison for a murder he may not have committed, was released in 2021 after new evidence raised questions about his conviction and potential misconduct by Boston police during the investigation. Judge Debra Squires-Lee ordered his release while investigations continued to determine if he deserved a new trial. Gaines, who was originally convicted of the armed robbery and murder of a shopkeeper, saw two key witnesses recant their testimonies, suggesting they had lied to keep their own family members out of jail. Additionally, questions were raised about the credibility of a Boston police detective involved in the case.

Despite his release, Gaines has not been exonerated and may still face a new trial. He expressed a desire to become an advocate for other wrongfully convicted prisoners and criticized the systemic issues that have led to injustices like his own. The case continues to move through the court system, with the possibility of a new trial remaining on the horizon.

Gaines's story sheds light on the importance of reevaluating convictions when new evidence emerges and the need for a fair and just criminal justice system.

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