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Steven Pina

After spending 28 years behind bars for a murder he maintains he did not commit, Stephen Pina, a Boston man, was freed by a judge as the court examines whether he should be granted a new trial. Upon his release, Pina shared a heartfelt moment with his 28-year-old son. He was originally convicted in connection with a 1993 fatal shooting in Boston's Mission Hill neighborhood.

The release came in light of new revelations that prosecutors and Boston police had withheld crucial evidence that could have pointed to an alternative suspect, and had concealed compromising information regarding a key witness. Judge Peter Krupp, who ordered Pina's release, expressed that there was a "fairly high" likelihood that Pina would prevail in securing a new trial, although he has not yet been fully exonerated.

While Pina's fight for justice is far from over, his attorney, Ira Grant, sees this as a significant step forward. The court plans to hold a hearing in the upcoming month to delve deeper into the evidence. Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden's office has also agreed to this additional hearing to provide a more comprehensive review of the case. Pina's unwavering goal is to clear his name and prove his innocence, not just for himself, but for his family and loved ones who have stood by him throughout his ordeal.

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